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Chocolate Fondue!

Hiya chumley's!
Dotty here. I just wanted to say how much fun it has been since Thursday when Dora (me and Squidges real sister) and Ruby (our real mum) came to stay. We all cuddled up on the floor the other day and mummy Hayley said we looked like a chocolate fondue (whatever a fondue is!)
I think i must remember my mum and my sister because i love cuddling up with them. They are going home tomorrow :( but they will be back next year for 2 whole weeks! YIPPEEE!!!
Ronnie has just arrived so we now have a house full.

coming and going

well hello pals.
Its a sad day today because its Bailey's last night here with us. On a much happier note we are going with Mummy to take her home tomorrow which means we get to see Grandma and Gangan! yay!!!
After that we are picking Ruby and Dora up who are coming to stay for 4 nights. Dora is mine and Squidges sister and Ruby is our Dog mummy. She gave birth to us :)
Did everybody have a nice bonfire night? Bailey really is scared of the whizpops and whizbangs but i like looking at the pretty lights in the garden the bangs dont scare me!

A Scruffy Week

Hiya chums!
So what has been happening this week? Well Jack came to doggy daycare on monday and we went on a walk with Leo and Janet (his human). Jack still likes to hump us and is coming again tomorrow. Ive worked out that sitting still and not moving means he cant hump me! We met Leo and Janet again this morning and mummy thought Squidge had lost her collar again so we were searching for it. When we got back to the car he collar was in the boot! Silly mummy.
We are going on a Scruffy Mutts trip to Brenig soon which is in North Wales.

Monday morning antics

Well good afternoon my scruffy chums! I hope you have had a brilliant walk this Monday. We had a great time! Me, Squidge, Ronnie, Leo and Lucan did a great walk up the tunstall trail, through Birchenwood and onto the old golf course we had a great time. I tripped Lucan up and we thought he had hurt himself but he was ok, well he ran around a lot so he must be ok!
Janet, who is Leo's human showed us a new bit of the walk which was great because it made our walk even longer! I have only just woken up because i was so worn out.

Hump Day

Hello everyone!
Dorothy here. So i have learned that Wednesday is called hump day. Is this the reason that Ronnie tries to hump me and Squidge? It can't be because he tried to hump me yesterday and the day before that! Im so confused! My mummy (Hayley) makes him stop or i just tell him off because i dont like it, unlike Squidge who seems to love it! Tart! Its not just Ronnie who does this tho, Jack does and sometimes when we are in the fields if we meet other dogs they have a go too! Mummy says its because we are too pretty for our own good.

swimming with Scruffy mates!

Hi everyone! Its me Dorothy Alice :) So since i last wrote my blog i've had such fun! Bailey came to stay on the weekend but Pearl went home. Then on sunday Bruno came to stay for a week. He is only 32 weeks but is a lot of fun but he doesnt know how to stop when he is running! We went for a swim together on monday there were 7 of us at this weeks Monday morning walking group. Me, Squidge, Jack, Bruno, Leo, Mable and Lucan we had a really good time and guess what??? The sun was shining! On tuesday Ronnie came to see us, he is coming to stay next week so his human brought him over for a walk just to make sure he wanted to be our friend.

Making New Friends!

Hello fellow Scruffy Mutts!
Dorothy here :) so since we last spoke i have made some new friends.
On Thursday we went to Silverdale with Phil and Lucan and we met Harry who is a 2 year old Springer cross. He wanted to stay and play with us but his human made him leave. We swam a lot at Silverdale, Mummy Hayley brought a ball for us to fetch but Lucan stole it and ripped it up so we couldnt play anymore.
Today we went to Birchenwood which was great we met 6 Springer Spaniels and one of them wouldnt stop trying to hump me and Squidge!

Rainy Days and Mondays!

Hello everyone! Dotty here, i meant to write this yesterday but didnt get time as Jack was trying to hump me all day! Its tough being this pretty! Well what a rainy day it was yesterday! My mummy Hayley took me, Squidge and Pearl to fetch Jack for daycare then we went to silverdale park and just to prove that we get walked in all weathers we took a picture of Hayley looking less than happy about getting wet! I dont know why she puts on lots of clothes when it rains we just go out in our fur coat!

our fun at knypersley pool

Hiya everyone, today was so much fun! Me, Squidge, Jack, Lucan and Mable all went to Knypersley Pool for a huge walk! We had lots of fun swimming and running through the woods. Jack has started coming to doggy daycare two days a week now because his human thinks he needs more fun with us! The only problem is he always wants to hump me and Squidge. I tell him off for it but Squidge just lets him, Hayley says its because she is a tart. I thought that was food but i dont know now!
Tomorrow Pearl is coming to stay for 11 nights so that will be fun but her humans say she is a bit grumpy because she is old. Oh well Jack will be back Wednesday. Im so excited because Bailey is coming to see us Friday with Grandma and GanGan. I CAN'T WAIT! xxx

The weekend swim and monday walk

We had Bella to play with this weekend as her human went to a wedding. We had a great time. It was really hot though so after our big walk we chilled in the garden. On Sunday we went for a big swim and Dora our other sister who doesnt live with us and Ruby our dog mummy came with us. Dora and Ruby are faster swimmers than me and Squidge so we never got the ball. Bruno came too he went swimming for the very first time!
When Bella went home we were very tired! But after a good sleep last night we were ready this morning for our normal Monday morning group walk.