Scruffy Mutts - Company Message
This is me and Squidge's Scruffy Mutt picture timeline! From when we were first taken home to our human's house. We love it here!
Not such a Scruffy Mutt at 8 weeks old
Squidge at 8 weeks
first day at home!
too cute to be a Scruffy Mutt
This is me, Dotty at 8 weeks on my new comfy bed in my new home :)
Scruffy Mutt dogs Dotty and Squidge at 10 and a half weeks
This is us at 10 and a half weeks. Practising our potty training!
Finally living up the the Scruffy Mutts name finally allowed out at 12 weeks old
When we were 12 weeks old we were allowed to go out adventuring. This is us with Gangan (our grandad) and Bailey.
15 week pups at Scruffy Mutts HQ
Look how big we are at 15 weeks old!
First time in the snow at Scruffy Mutts HQ
This is Squidge at 17 weeks. This is the first time we played in the snow! We love catching the flakes in our mouth.
Having a Snooze at Scruffy Mutts HQ
All tired out at 21 weeks old after our big morning walk. Zzzzzzz!
Scruffy Mutts HQ
We are 7 months old here and chilling in the kitchen whilst mummy cooks some dinner!
Look how Scruffy i am up close!
Cheese! We are 10 months old.
Very Scruffy!
This was taken on our birthday! We turned 1 on August 15th 2012