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Scruffy Mutts Gallery
These pictures are from Scruffy Mutts Home Boarders, Doggy Daycare and individual Dog walks.
Hayley takes lots of pictures of all of our friends so that the humans can see how happy they are when they stay with us!

Logan - cross breed scruffy muttSasha - cross breed scruffy muttOlly - Collie Scruffy Mutt
Shadow- Alaskan Malamut Scruffy MuttMolly - cairn terrier scruffy muttIzzy - springer spaniel scruffy mutt
Digby - cockerpoo scruffy muttBruno - cross breed scruffy muttsasha
Digby, Dotty and SquidgeBella - black lab scruffy muttPearl - pug scruffy mutt
Jack- choccy lab scruffy muttDoug - westie scruffy muttDora and Ruby - choccy lab scruffy mutts
Scruffy Mutts Christmas Partyscruffy mutt Olly Red and Blue - Irish terrier & collie scruffy mutts
Henry - springador scruffy muttJonty-boarder terrier scruffy muttHarvey - yorkie scruffy mutt
Bailey - cross breed scruffy muttLily - sharpae scruffy muttMylo - shihtzu scruffy mutt
Potter - husky scruffy muttDylan - cocker spaniel scruffy muttMillie - British bull dog scruffy mutt
Molly-shitzu scruffy muttBo-staffy scruffy muttCoco-choccy lab scruffy mutt
George-red fox lab scruffy muttOzzy and Charlie-bischon freise scruffy muttsWillow-yorkie scruffy mutt
Zen-wire haired vizsler scruffy muttOzzy - golden retriever scruffy muttIndia -springer scruffy mutt
Molly -choccy lab scruffy muttDaisy Doo -British bull dog scruffy muttDotty, SQUIDGE and zen
Ruby-cockerpoo scruffy muttJessie -cockerpoo scruffy muttArchie-golden retriever scruffy mutt
Archie -beagle scruffy muttJenson -viszler scruffy mutt
Stanley -springer scruffy muttDexter -cavachion scruffy muttDuke & cleo rotties scruffy mutts
Belle - choccy lab scruffy muttsWhisper - golden retriever scruffy mutt
Alfie- choccy lab scruffy muttPringle - German pointer scruffy muttBuddy - French bulldog scruffy mutt
Muskie - black lab scruffy mutHarvey - patterdale scruffy muttHarley - weinerama scruffy mutt
Dave & tinker bell - cross breed scruffy muttsBonnie - cocker spaniel scruffy mutt